Blockchain Solutions for an Unchained World.

Fundamentally changing industries, from gaming to loyalty.

Our Projects

Our Projects

Chainable has been actively involved in the blockchain world for some time, building multiple products and solutions from gaming to financial services. Check out a few of our projects:

Blockchain Games

Chainable sees great opportunity in the future of gaming on blockchain, and is investing heavily in bringing this new era of gaming mainstream. One of Chainable's first projects is EtherStrike, a blockchain game of universal proportions, recently launched on Ethereum. EtherStrike allows players to go head-to-head as they attempt to conquer the crypto-galaxy. Play today!

Payment Solutions

Payments represent an enormous industry that has been slow to evolve at the same pace as other technological advances. Our team at Chainable has cumulative decades of experience building payment systems from the ground up, and we’re combining that experience with our blockchain expertise to revolutionize the payment space.

Loyalty Solutions

With experience in multiple verticals and industries, we see loyalty as a great opportunity to deploy blockchain and improve customer and business experience. Our team is reshaping the loyalty space with new solutions and modern capabilities.


Chainable is working with a partner to develop and implement a new paradigm in exchange of real world assets - bringing speed, accuracy, and transparency through blockchain.

Our Team

Chainable was founded by an experienced technology team that has successfully built and exited multiple technology startups.

Tim Keough
Founder & CEO
Bryan Penn
Co-founder & Director of Operations

Our Story

The Chainable team, with years of development background, had been observing the rise of blockchain technology and quickly realized the potential for new approaches and models that could revolutionize existing industries and processes. These approaches also provided novel mechanisms to create new value across multiple industries. After initially experimenting in the blockchain world with the Ethereum network, smart contracts, and fungible/non-fungible tokens over the past few years, we founded Chainable in 2017 to formalize and unify our varied blockchain projects.

Chainable is focused on building innovative products that will disrupt the status quo in existing industries. Our team has already created products across multiple industries, from gaming to payments and loyalty, and will continue to do so as we usher in the age of blockchain and welcome seemingly endless new solutions to complex business problems.

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